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The Beast Leash™

The Beast Leash™

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Epic Reactions Guaranteed

Prepare for belly laughs, amused glances and amazing conversations. The Beast Leash brings a unique twist to dog walking, making every stroll unforgettable.

Meet New Pet Lovers

This leash is a great way to start conversations. People will ask about it, and before you know it, you’re making new friends, both for you and your dog!

Pet Safe, Durable & Light

Despite its humorous design, the safety of your pet is our top priority. The leash is designed to be secure and comfortable for your pets, ensuring they're happy and safe at all times.

And while it may be all in good fun, we haven't skimped on quality. Crafted from premium plastic, the Beast Leash is as durable as it is comically oversized. Its also hollow making it as light as a feather!